Leadership Development

“Smarter employees build smarter companies.”

William Martin and Brian Martin. The Initiatives Group works with individuals and management teams on long-term leadership development and techniques to achieve excellence.Develop a culture of leadership, innovation and respect to exponentially expand the potential of your company.

The Initiatives Group works under contract with organizations with a few hundred to many thousands of employees. The individuals and management teams that seek our long-term development services are of all sizes and strengths, but ultimately want the same thing: to be a powerful, fast-moving team of leaders. Through in-depth, confidential and hand-crafted programs, we help leaders and future leaders develop techniques to achieve excellence in quantifiable ways.

Leadership Development Seminars

We tailor seminars and retreats to your organization’s needs as standalone or supplemental units to reinforce and focus the Leadership Development process. Seminars can be targeted at a wide variety of needs, such as:

  • Focusing for future invention
  • Approaching leadership as an art
  • Releasing the potential of the organization
  • Understanding the power of principles
  • Developing influence as a leader
  • Inspiring trust, loyalty and admiration
  • Understanding and improving communication
  • Making effective decisions
  • Cultivating courage